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We have been here for over 30 years.

The team of Kololi Beach Resort is passionate about The Gambia, their people and its spectacular natural environment.  When the founding father of our resort, Martin Freestone, came to Gambia over 3 decades ago, he fell in love with the location, which was not chosen by accident. We are located on a beautiful, peaceful beach chosen as one of the top coastlines in Africa. In those days hardly any journalists or traveller bloggers had visited this beach – the Freestone family were true explorers, searching for the perfect spot in this beautiful paradise.

Martin was joined by several family members and they worked together to set up the resort and the Kololi Beach Club with an aim to combine the highest standards in hospitality with the genuine Gambian friendliness.

The resort was opened in 1987 with a timeshare concept and over the years our services expanded to include rentals for short/long term stays as well as year round holiday homes. As a member of the Kololi Beach Club you are guaranteed your piece of paradise in The Gambia.

In 2021 Martin and his family handed over the management to a new team, carefully selected with the same passion for hospitality ensuring that the resort did not become part of a chain.

Our philosophy remains that we want all to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the quality and the friendly service. 


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