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Members can enjoy weekly or monthly holidays with added benefits/discounts and for Owner Members, owning a holiday residence means accessing all the unique amenities and privileges of Kololi Beach Resort while retaining the intimacy and personal touches of a private villa, penthouse or studio.

Holiday Properties are treasures to be valued and enjoyed throughout your lifetime but also for future generations. Not only will you benefit from hassle-free holidays in your own private residence, Kololi Beach Club also offers Rent-Share with besides financial returns also the support of the resort team to take care of our mutual guests.

Our Property Owners can enjoy certain tax advantages under our corporate structure.

How Could Rent share work for you?

The Gambia is and has been a popular tourist destination. The entire African continent is more and more popular and Gambia has an excellent reputation as one of the safest places in Africa. English speaking and surrounded by French-Senegal, with a stable political situation for several years now. Continually and constantly undergoing modernisation, its developing infrastructures will soon connect the entire country.

Recently the adjacent International Conference Center was completed and is bound to bring in business and conference visitors, who look for the nearest available accommodation: Kololi Beach Resort.

Tourism is the driving sector for its economy and accounts for a big slice of the national GDP. With lower taxes than most European countries and many tourism-related tax incentives, the Gambia offers excellent investment opportunities in various sectors of its economy.

The Gambia welcomes hundreds of thousands or tourists each year and the entire industry is undergoing strong expansion, meaning that real estate and holiday homes offer great income opportunities.

Worldwide Holiday Choice

When you join Kololi, you are registered with an international holiday exchange programme that allows you to exchange one or more holiday weeks in your villa/apartment to over 3000 Resorts across the world’s most desirable locations, such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott’s, Four Seasons to name but a few.

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